Furniture in a new location

Before moving furniture to a new apartment, make sure you really need it. Transportation of furniture is a troublesome and painstaking process. And you should be completely confident in your actions. There is furniture (usually old) which is best left untouched otherwise it will fall apart. It is even unnecessary to try to import such… Read more

Getting rid of excess

Living in one place for years, we, by will – not by will, acquire unnecessary things. It can be broken skis, an old aquarium, clothes that are no longer the right size or have long gone out of fashion. It makes no sense to carry all this with you. Therefore, moving is a great occasion… Read more

It all starts with planning

They say that a big part of winning a war depends on strategy. While moving isn’t a literal war, good strategy is essential. Therefore, we will tell you in order what you should think about before you start packing things, preparing them for the move. Select your move date. This date should suit all family… Read more

Try packaging hacks

You are not the first or the last person to go through the process of packing before moving. To make life easier for everyone moving, we have put together a few packaging life hacks based not only on the rules, but also on personal experience. Keep clothes on hangers. Hang clothes on a hanger and… Read more

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