Before moving furniture to a new apartment, make sure you really need it. Transportation of furniture is a troublesome and painstaking process. And you should be completely confident in your actions. There is furniture (usually old) which is best left untouched otherwise it will fall apart. It is even unnecessary to try to import such furniture into your new life. Sometimes it’s better to sell old grandma’s wardrobes and buy new modern furniture in your new, modern and clean refurbishment.

Really worthwhile furniture needs to be transported. It can be real antiques or furniture that you purchased not so long ago. Also, transportation is worthy of collapsible furniture. There are rules that allow you to successfully transport your furniture to a new place.

Details of collapsible furniture should be packed in boxes and signed. So it will be easier for you to assemble it again in a new apartment. Pack glass or other breakable items separately. This also applies to fragile items of non-separable furniture. If possible, it is best to remove them and pack them separately. If this is not possible, then glue them with foam rubber on both sides, protecting all possible furniture details. Foam rubber should also be wrapped around all the protruding corners of tables, sofas and cabinets.

When packing glass items for arranging an apartment, you need to show special scrupulousness. So, chandeliers and sconces need to be disassembled. And pack each item separately. The same applies to household appliances. It is best if you keep the original packaging materials for it.