Living in one place for years, we, by will – not by will, acquire unnecessary things. It can be broken skis, an old aquarium, clothes that are no longer the right size or have long gone out of fashion. It makes no sense to carry all this with you. Therefore, moving is a great occasion to carefully sort things and get rid of the excess.

By sorting things, you can get rid of not only what is broken, but also simply what you really do not need anymore. To do this, looking through things, ask yourself the question: what will I do with these items in a new apartment? Could this be of use to me? If you find it difficult to find the

A group of people moving boxes from a trailer

answer to such questions – feel free to get rid of things.

Getting rid of doesn’t always mean throwing away. There are things that are of a certain value and can be useful, but not for you. In this case, you can use the services of selling used items. Fortunately, there are such people in Minsk. Or you can ask friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Perhaps some of them need your unnecessary item.