They say that a big part of winning a war depends on strategy. While moving isn’t a literal war, good strategy is essential. Therefore, we will tell you in order what you should think about before you start packing things, preparing them for the move.

Select your move date. This date should suit all family members. It is best to discuss this issue at the family council, taking into account the wishes of each of its members. In this way, you will enlist the support of your family, which, in turn, will help you share the hardships of moving and reduce your personal stress.

Make a list of those who are willing to help. This list should include your friends, colleagues from work, neighbors, i.e. those with whom you discussed the issue of moving, and who expressed a desire to help you with it. However, it should be borne in mind that not everyone can be ready by the required date, even if everything has already been discussed many times. It is better to get assistants with a margin in case your close friend gets sick or a neighbor simply does not want to help you.

Decide on the time of the move. This is important in order to order a car for the required hour. Here we will allow ourselves one more small piece of advice: if you decide that everything will be ready by 13 o’clock in the afternoon, then order a car for 14. This will allow you to think it over again without stress and gather your thoughts before the move itself.

Think about how to move large pieces of furniture. This is where strategy really matters. Discuss this issue with those who will help you with this. Such a discussion will allow you to act in a coordinated manner and reduce the likelihood of furniture damage. To base the discussion on accurate data, you can measure the doorways in your old home and in your new home.


Think and find everything that will help you in packing things. Cardboard boxes and bubble wrap are best suited for this. It can be bought at hardware stores. However, if you do not intend to spend money on buying packaging for your own things, you can get by with improvised means. At the planning stage, you need to make sure that you have enough of them to pack everything you need. Calculate how much packing material you will need (boxes, bags) and purchase a few more items.

When ordering a car, imagine how you will put all things and furniture in it for transportation. Here you will remember the once famous game “Tetris”. And also the fact that having accommodated large objects, it is quite easy to place small ones.

Think about how to get your assistants to the place of loading and unloading. A car with things can arrive faster if everyone, including you, uses public transport to move. Then you will have to pay not only for renting a car, but also for empty waiting.

At the place of unloading, plan where it is better to immediately put the furniture, so that it does not interfere with the unloading of other things, as well as new neighbors. After all, you need to leave a good first impression of yourself in order to maintain good relations with your neighbors.